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A full-service Logistics, Transportation, Supply Chain and Fleet Services company servicing customers globally.


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Supply Chain Services

Logisticorp serves as an End-to-End Deployment Partner delivering Core Supply Chain Services and Warehouse Management Services such as,

  • VAR and High-Volume Distribution Services
  • Staging & Kitting
  • Reverse Logistics Services
  • Custom Integration Services
  • Telecom Operations Support Services
  • Asset Management Services
  • Warehouse Management
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Distribution Services
  • Operations Support Services


Logisticorp has certified its Quality Management System (QMS) to drive Quality Improvement and increase customer satisfaction.


The backbone of Logisticorp’s Supply Chain Services is its IT framework, including,

  • Cloud Based EDI Solutions (850, 856, 810) transactions
  • Agile Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Material Resource Planning Systems
  • Serial Tracking and Asset Management Services
  • Order Management & Support Systems
  • VMI & Financing Options
  • ISO 9000 / TL 9000 Certified

Transportation Services

Logisticorp offers a wide variety of Transportation Services such as,

  • Corporate Shuttle Services (Public Transit to Work Place)
  • Employee Shuttle Services (ADA Equipped)
  • Airport Shuttle Services
  • Special Event Transportation Services
  • Green Mobility Solutions
  • Transportation Management

SaaS Logistics Software Services


Complex supply-chains require collaborative information solutions capable of providing product movement data and visibility to dark data across suppliers. Logisticorp’s SaaS Logistics Solutions enable critical visibility from OEM to Distributor to Customer to Deployment and creates enhanced collaboration through Cloud-Based Solutions which deliver the following capabilities,

  • Distribution Management
  • Dedicated Fleet Management
  • Field Force Management
  • Track & Trace Capabilities
  • Order Management
  • Supply-Chain Visibility


Logisticorp’s customers enjoy measurable operational benefit such as,

  • Improved Supply-Chain Performance
  • Optimal Inventory Levels
  • Enhanced Planning
  • Self-Optimization of the Supply Chain
  • Improved Deployment Cycle Time
  • Faster Response to Disruption
  • Minimization of Risk


Logisticorp’s SaaS Logistics Software Services capabilities include,

  • Supply Chain Software
  • Logistic Management Software
  • Field Management Software

Fleet Services


Logisticorp offers a mature set of Fleet Services Solutions including,

  • 3PL Provider
  • Hot Shot Trucking
  • Dedicated Fleet Operation
  • Private Fleet Management


Logisticorp’s Fleet Services capabilities include,

  • Dedicated Fleets / Private Fleets Services
  • Field Track & Trace Services
  • Freight & Courier Services
  • Transactional Services
  • On-Line Data Reporting
  • On-Line Order Entry
  • Supply Chain Visibility

Pre-Sales Services


Logisticorp is an authorized OEM distributor for Sprint, Ericsson and BandRich. Logisticorp’s OEM reseller services include,

  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 Technical Support
  • Managed Partner & Dealer Network
  • Customer Premised Equipment


Logisticorp’s Core Pre-Sales Services capabilities include,

  • ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) Tier 1 & Tier 2 Technical Support
  • JDM (Joint Design Manufacturing)
  • Manage Partner & Dealer Network
  • Project Management
  • Test Plan Management
  • Product Qualification Judgement



Our Company Values are more than a statement – they are a standard. These are the characteristics and behaviors we believe are critical to our success. We strive every day to conduct our work in accordance with these values.

Quality Service

All employees must strive to exceed customer service expectations. Responsibility for Quality lies with each employee who must understand and act on the importance of Quality to our customers. Employee involvement is vital to the continuous improvement of our business processes.

Customer Focus

Each employee shall know the primary reason for his or her employment is the Customer. The very survival and prosperity of the company lies in our ability to attract and maintain a viable customer base.

Appreciation of Differences

All racial, ethnic, gender and language differences among our employees, customers, and suppliers must be respected. Failure to respect the very characteristics that make each of us unique can only lead to disharmony and loss of trust. Prejudice and bigotry can only negatively impact the quality of service provided to our customers.

A Sense of Business Urgency

All employees must work with a sense of urgency. Each task or process undertaken shall be performed in an urgent manner knowing that our reputation for exceeding customer expectations hangs in the balance. We shall always strive to meet all customer's milestones and deadlines

No Surprises

Each employee is expected to do his or her best to ensure that there are no surprises in the course of conducting business. Unfavorable news or results must be reported immediately so that remedial action can be quickly implemented. We shall take responsibility for our service failures and notify customers immediately so that they may take any necessary and appropriate action.


All employees must rely upon one another to satisfy our customers. No employee is an island. Each employee must accept responsibility for serving as an effective member of the Logisticorp Team. The basis for maintaining Effective Teamwork is courtesy and respect. Courtesy and respect shall be extended to all employees, customers, and suppliers.


The safety and personal security of the public, our employees and suppliers is the responsibility of each employee. Unsafe conditions may jeopardize the very existence of the company. As a logistics company, we are responsible for ensuring our employees’ and the public’s safety at all times. There is no higher responsibility than securing the safety of the general public.

Trust and Dependability

Building a relationship based on trust with customers, suppliers, and fellow employees shall be the responsibility of every employee. Our employee teams must depend upon one another in delivering high quality logistics services to our customers. We understand the absence of dependability prohibits our customers from enjoying a trusting relationship with our business.

Honesty and Truthfulness

We shall all commit ourselves to establishing honesty and truthfulness as the fundamental basis for conducting business. We shall practice honesty and truthfulness in our relations with customers, team members, suppliers, management, and owners.

Integrity of Values

Customers, suppliers, and the general public count on the integrity of our employees to faithfully practice the stated values of the corporation. Any breakdown in our system of corporate values must be reported immediately to the management of Logisticorp. Loss of integrity may place the entire business at risk together with the livelihood of our employees and the safety of the general public.