Our Company Values are more than a statement – they are our standard.  These are the characteristics and behaviors we believe are critical to our success.  We strive every day to conduct our work in accordance with these values.

Our Customers Come First

Customer satisfaction is our top priority.  To ensure our enduring success and growth, all employees have the responsibility to exceed our customer’s expectations in quality.

Teamwork, Urgency and Safety

Our employees are a team that work together and rely on one another to delivery on our contracts, milestones and deadlines.  Each employee accepts this responsibility and executes their tasks and procedures with urgency and clear communication.  This includes escalating any issues promptly for a transparent resolution, and ensuring the safety and security of the public, our suppliers and the rest of our employee team.

Building Trust and Respect Through Diversity and Accountability

A diverse workforce and supply chain are prioritized at Logisticorp, as they are essential in our strive for excellence.  We welcome all backgrounds and perspectives as we collaborate in an inclusive and equitable environment to leverage the best ideas and react to our customer’s needs quickly.

Our employees are accountable to our customers and to one another. Our partners’ trust in Logisticorp is based on their experiences with our employees, and how we practice our own stated values. The importance of adherence to these values cannot be overstated, as the values drive the success of the business and safety of our partners and the general public.



You are either helping someone succeed, or you are helping them fail, there is NO in-between!

              Walk the line.

“From a diverse leadership team to a diverse supply chain of vendors, we bring the best people and resources together to deliver excellence to our customers and our communities.”

                                        – Garry Castro, CEO